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carbon-connect AG Climate Glossary with common technical terms, abbreviations and explanations on the topics of the environment, climate protection and CO2 compensation.

Waste Heat

The operation of equipment and machinery, power generation, and industrial processes produces heat. Too often this waste heat volatilizes unused in the environment. In a district heating, this waste heat is used to heat buildings. This heat recovery contributes significantly to the reduction of emissions.

World Climate Report

The world climate report is a very detailed progress report of the IPCC and is written and published every 5 to 7 years. The latest report, published in 2013/2014, is a work written by experts on this subject matter. It includes global research on the causes and consequences of climate change and possible adaptation scenarios for CO2 emission reduction. The report is divided into 3 sub-chapters. Sub-chapter one’s headline is “The Basis of Climate Change and Future Development of the Climate System”. Sub-chapter 2 analyzes the effects of human-induced global warming, and sub-chapter 3 discusses the topics, measures, and the technologies that slow down climate change.

Weather and Climate

Weather and climate are often considered synonyms. The term weather describes the state of the atmosphere (rain, sunshine, cold, heat and wind), mostly in relation to one place and over a short period of time, or up to several days. The term climate refers to a longer period of time, e.g. up to 30 years.

WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations)

The World Association of the United Nations (WFUNA) Network consists of over one hundred thousand people linked by United Nations agencies in more than 100 countries. This network enables its members to communicate across borders on urgent global issues and challenges. Issues such as the enforcement of international law, human rights, the spread of democracy and equal rights are being discussed here. The focus is on strengthening the United Nations. This network is organized as an association and works closely with other UN organizations.