Regional projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in combination with an effective climate protection project abroad.

In cooperation with mountain aid organisations we support projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
We support projects that are always related to the Alpine region. In cooperation with national organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we can also actively participate in projects such as repairing hiking trails, protection forests and forest cleaning, maintenance work or measures to beautify the landscape.

Forests and in particular protection forests in the mountains make an indispensable contribution to the protection of our habitat against natural hazards. For example, protective forests in the Alps protect lower settlement and other infrastructure facilities from avalanches, floods, debris flows and rockfall. Protective forest management and the preservation of a strong protective forest are important tasks.

For customers who would like to get involved locally due to their regional roots, we offer the possibility of a project bundle.

Climate protection projects in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Europe:

It makes no difference to the climate where a CO2 (carbon) compensation is taken, because CO2 knows no national borders. The concept of CO2 offsetting is based on the idea that the amount X of carbon emissions that is generated at a location A is offset by a climate protection project at location B. The amount X that is generated at a location A is offset by the amount X that is compensated at a location B. Foreign climate protection projects should give the developed countries the opportunity to offset CO2 (carbon) at the best cost/benefit ratio. At the same time, the foreign projects selected by carbon-connect AG have an additional social component. All projects involve the local population or supplement the primary UN objective (climate protection measures, objective no. 13) with further UN objectives for sustainable development, e.g. through fair jobs, combating poverty and hunger and preserving biodiversity.

Climate protection projects in Europe have relatively higher CO2 costs and are only available to a very limited extent because of the possibility of double counting due to existing reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. Moreover, they can only be implemented under complicated conditions.

Climate protection projects in Germany and the Netherlands:

These are based on the methane avoidance approach in connection with abandoned mines, especially in former coal mine production. Here, mine gas is used to generate electricity and methane is avoided (1 tonne of methane = 21 tonnes of CO2).  

In the Netherlands there are several combined heat and power plants that use biogas to generate energy and thus replace fossil fuels. The main objective of the project activities is the technical production of biogas from pig farms.

Climate protection projects in Austria and Switzerland:

Climate protection projects in Austria and Switzerland are often very small, if they exist at all, because there is not much choice. We can source a few hundred tons of the following projects:

Due to the inadequate supply, climate protection projects in the DACH region and Europe are scarce and associated with high investments. The prices per ton are between EUR 38 and EUR 95, because projects are partly credited to the compliance market. Switzerland has introduced a CO2 tax/carbon-tax on fossil fuels (2018: CHF 96.00 per tonne; the tax may rise to a maximum of CHF 120.00 per tonne of CO2 in the coming years). 

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