1. per employee

    CHF 450.00

Compensate CO₂ consumption

We can help you neutralize the entire carbon emission of your company employees. Your activities will become sustainable and efficient. Position yourself as a responsible enterprise and thus gain an advantage over your competitors.


Global carbon emissions have climbed to a new record high. In comparison to the year 2014, carbon greenhouse gases increased last year
by about 2.5 percent. A total of 32 billion tonnes of carbon greenhouse gases have been emitted worldwide, according to the International
Energy Agency (IEA). Europe accounts for approximately 3.41 billion of that total. According to the IAE, the increased carbon emission figures correspond to the rise in temperature, expected to continue at an average rate of 6 degrees until the year 2050. We are in the process of losing sight of our goal of limiting global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius. The disparity between rich and poor is of special significance here: 25% of the world’s population (the rich) consumes 75% of the available energy. 

In detail, per capita carbon emissions including production and consumption amount to:
Switzerland: 15 tonnes; Germany: 14 tonnes; Austria: 14 tonnes.


Our Proposed Solution:

Avoid carbon emissions wherever possible and significant, and compensate for the rest. Make your own active contribution toward protecting the environment.


Your Opportunity = Carbon-Neutral Company

Implementation and encouragement of climate-neutral activities depend on the purchase and use or redemption of ecologically valuable emission reduction certificates from climate protection projects.
Carbon-Connect thus offsets your emissions 100%. Because our atmosphere recognizes no national boundaries, it is irrelevant for climate protection where CO2-emissions occur and in what part of the earth they are compensated or avoided.

carbon-connect supports high-quality climate protection projects.