Sustainability Report

The Situation and the Problem

The political pressure originating from the aspects of sustainability on companies and corporations is increasing. Since 2016, certain companies affected within the EU will have to publish sustainability reports. Such an accountability report (or sustainability report) includes policies, risks, and results relating to environmental, social, and employment issues. Sustainability reports also account for human rights, the fight against corruption, and bribery.

Even for companies that technically are not obligated , the benefits are tremendous, as the following examples show:

- Positioning your company in the sector of sustainability

- Consolidating your company’s image and corporate identity

- Boosting the loyalty of your customers

- Promoting trust for your company with partners, customers and stakeholders

- Increasing motivation of your employees

- Increasing competitive advantage

- Optimized business processes

- Better commitment

- Increasing you company’s social acceptance

- Advantages when it comes to propositions

Sustainability reports are a further development of environmental reports which have been published by public institutions and companies since the early 1990s. A credible presentation of a sustainability report enhances the reputation of your company and strengthens your business relationships. Thus, you will differentiate yourself and your company from competitors, and also convince new customers and business partners who value or actively demand sustainable and transparent business activities today already.

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