In cooperation with BEESark GmbH from Austria we realize regional climate protection projects and support local biodiversity. A Climatefit certificate stands for a contractually regulated and agreed area or unit for a certain period of time. The area can be sustainable forest management or agricultural land. Forests are adapted with a local project to the climate change that is taking place and is already progressing.

Using minimal tillage, local biodiversity is being supported. This creates the basis for resilient humus storage soil with good nutrient content and moisture retention.

Your advantages with a local project:

  • individual and customized
  • a project in your region is visible to third parties
  • you can visit the project
  • support of several SDGs
  • certified carbon sink included via international climate projection project

Call us at +41 44 377 80 80 or send us an email: We are happy to discuss your carbon compensation and climate neutrality.