1. per employee

    CHF 55.25

Compensate CO₂ consumption

Climate Sticker World Vision Switzerland, Climatepilot World Vision Switzerland in cooperation with carbon-connect AG

Climate Pilots of World Vision Switzerland drive climate neutral and support a bicycle project in Zimbabwe. When purchasing the Climate Pilot sticker World Vision Switzerland, carbon-connect AG donates half of the purchase price to the bicycle project of our charity partner World Vision Switzerland.

Bicycles provide access to education

As part of the "Bicycles for Education" programm, World Vision and World Bicycle Relief are distributing thousands of bicycles to teachers and students in Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa, 70% of them to girls. With these bicycles the students arrive at school on time, safe and ready to learn. 500,000 children need more than 2 hours on foot to get to school.

Studies show impressively that the attendance rate and the grades of the pupils improve as soon as they have received their bicycle. Children are up to four times faster in school.

For many children in developing countries, mobility on two wheels opens the doors to education.

carbon-connect AG visited the project in Zimbabwe. "One of my most exciting and impressive journeys ever. I am proud of the partnership with World Vision Switzerland" Pascal Freudenreich, carbon-connect AG.

Project support:

Call us at +41 44 377 80 80 or send us an email: We are happy to discuss your carbon compensation and climate neutrality.