Success stories in climate protection - for enterprises, society and the world. 


Simple solutions for a climate positive world and a more habitable planet for human beings and animals.

Our challenge

How does climate change influence the activities of an economy? What costs can be expected, and what responsibility does a business have in the struggle to appropriately deal with one of the greatest challenges for us and future generations, namely climate change?

More and more people and companies care about acting ecologically and socially. The pressure on all of us to become more sustainable and to define a carbon reduction strategy up to climate neutrality is increasing. From consumers to political institutions, employees to investors who are integrating sustainability principles into their investment decisions. Sustainability is already a minimum requirement today.

A transparent overview of the carbon footprint (Corporate Carbon Footprint) is the most important condition for sustainable decision-making. It forms the basis for defining measures, identifying climate risks and estimating the effectiveness of carbon reduction measures.

Ideas and realized customer projects can be downloaded in our ebook "Success Stories in Climate Protection".


This shows you different models and approaches - for everyone who wants to make a contribution towards climate protection. It shows you how to offset unavoidable carbon emissions through high quality climate protection projects. A climate protection project is a carbon sink outside your company, e.g. a forest protection and reforestation projects, an energy efficiency project or renewable energy sources for electricity production (hydro plant, wind or solar energy)  that substitute energy production from burning fossil fuels. 

Avoid, reduce and compensate 

If climate neutrality is achieved by offsetting your carbon emissions, this results in climate neutral companies, climate neutral products as well as climate neutral processes.