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Compensate CO₂ consumption

With our Cyberlogo «Climate Friendly Website»  we offer you a sustainable solution for your website and the internet. Position yourself as a company that is aware of its responsibilities and thereby get the edge on your competitors. With your assistance we want to plant

3 million trees in the next 3 years.


The internet is an enormous ‘power guzzler’. The worldwide consumption of electricity by the internet is estimated at up to 208 billion kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to the capacity of 23 nuclear power
stations. Our climate-friendly label guarantees the 100% Carbon Footprint caused by your website. According to Harvard Physicist Alex Wissner-Gross a website visite causes up to 2 grams of CO2. In addition we support two independent foundations and sponsor a fixed number of trees.

Assist us in achieving our goal as soon as possible, with your help we want to plant 3 million trees in the next 3 years.



Our Proposed Solution
Avoid carbon emissions wherever possible and significant, and compensate for the rest. Make your own active contribution toward protecting the environment.


Your Opportunity = Climate Friendly Website
The implementation and promotion is done by acquiring and the redemption of ecological high-quality emission reduction credits from climate protection projects. In addition to that, by way of the foundation, we plant one tree per contributor/employee/per annum. Since the atmosphere does not have any national boundaries, it is irrelevant for climate protection where CO2-emissions arise and where they will be compensated or avoided in the world.

carbon-connect supports high-quality climate protection projects.