Climate Neutral Event

To ensure the best possible accounting and balance of your upcoming event,
good data/information quality is essential. Therefore, we kindly ask you
to check and document data/information entered in the following forms before, during, and after your event.
Also, please send us all the data and information that you can collect (billing, electricity,
flights booked, hotel accommodation, etc.) by e-mail toKontakt.


In our forms, please fill in information about your event, power consumption, traffic caused by coworkers/employees, traffic caused by guests, overnight stays and other factors as precisely as you can. Please send all completed forms and vouchers to Kontakt.

Note: In case of bad data quality, the emissions of the respective category will be included,

multiplied and balanced by a standardized industrial factor.


Please fill out the questionnaire and return to:

carbon-connect AG

Industriestrasse 4

CH-8604 Volketswil