BEAD - Your smart energy manager

Automation systems are increasingly being used to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings. However, current automation technologies work on the basis of standard assumptions according to fixed schedules without taking the factor 'human' into account.

Statistically, the workforce or building users are responsible for at least 20% of energy consumption due to constantly changing usage patterns. The aim must therefore be to intelligently link automation systems to the behaviour of people and the environment in which they work.

In cooperation with our partner Positive Energy we are pleased to present you an innovative technology called BEAD.

BEAD is an IOT device equipped with various sensors that optimizes building operation using specially developed analysis software, e.g. by analyzing the daily behavior of the workforce with regard to building use and utilization in real time in order to control and reduce energy consumption.

Its AI-based system for recording, learning and controlling the building automation system enables enormous energy savings. BEAD is exclusively available in Switzerland from carbon-connect AG.

PDF Download: BEAD - The smart art of energy saving / Digitalizing your building

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